Scuba Diver Found A Skeleton Tea Party At The Bottom Of A River

Sometimes you can make cool discoveries like 50 year old pocket watches and old road signs at the bottom of a river, but for one scuba diver, his discovery was anything but fun. Found at the bottom of the Colorado River, a scuba diver was taking a swim only to find two skeletons sitting in chairs at a table having what police call a “tea party”. As if that wasn’t horrific enough, one of the skeletons had a sign placed on their lap which a more than cryptic message. The scuba diver luckily had a camera attached while making his swim, which you can see in full below:

The sign, which apparently reads “BERNIE LIVN THE DREAM IN THE RIVER 8 16 2014”. The date possibly being when the skeletons were placed, the scuba diver called the local authorities which came rushing to check out the discovery. Luckily, the skeletons were realized to be fake, but still leaving some wondering why on earth two fake skeletons were placed in a river with such a random sign attached. The police however have decided to not investigate who might’ve placed the skeletons in the river, but rather retrieve the skeletons and place them outside of the Sheriff’s office “as a joke”.

Personally, this looks like the beginning of True Detective season 2. First it’s just some kids having fun, but that sign in my opinion might have more meaning behind it.

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source: AP