Break Poll: A Very Serious Question Regarding This College Student’s Weird Feet

We love the hilariously weird here at Break and this college student’s feet are no exception. Well, more like feet hands if we’re being honest because she’s got toes that look like they belong on the wrists of Larry Byrd.

The feet belong to a Chinese student who would like to remain anonymous…and frankly we can’t blame her. She’s being nicknamed “The Four Handed Student” and at only 4’11” her feet have become famous after the images she took went viral.

She says that groups of people gather whenever she’s out wearing sandals which can be pretty embarrassing for her. But on the flipside, people have actually messaged her online proclaiming their love for her out of the ordinary toes.

Sure, the length of the toes is one thing but it’s probably time to give those bad boys a waxing too!

The college student added that her toes actually come in handy at times, especially when she doesn’t feel like using her hands. She said “When I’m lazy to reach for the remote on the table I can just change the channel with my feet – that way I don’t have to get up.” At least she can get some extra use out of them, but also good to know in case you ever go over to her house without rubber gloves. Not that we can blame her, we’d be doing way more with our feet than picking up remotes.

Now, we can’t help but ask the question. Feet on a chick can make or break the whole package (anyone ever see Boomerang?) so if you met the woman of your dreams, and she had feet like hands (not to mention the hair accompaniment), ask yourself this question.