College Kid Rescued From Giant Vagina!

Firefighters are often called to rescue a pussy out of a tree, but this week firefighters in Germany had to rescue a man out of a… well, you get the point. An American exchange student studying at the Tubingen University Institute of Microbiology got up close and personal with some macro biology of the female anatomy when he thought it would be funny snap a picture of himself crawling inside a giant marble sculpture of a vagina on campus and became stuck.  He was attempting to be the first male student at “The Institute for Microbiology” to be inside a vagina this semester. (I’m just jealous of people who can do science.)

Ironically that bag is full of lube, if only he had used it.

And before you judge him, let’s all stop and think for a moment that this is exactly what we all would have done. We here at Break give him a virtual high five. Good job! Besides, he’s probably not the first dude in college to require an emergency evacuation from a hoo-ha. This brings the term “pulling out” to epic proportions as it took 22 firefighters in five emergency vehicles to remove this guy from the giant lady business.  This young man was totally embarrassed as the firefighters quickly birthed him from where he was stuck.

Art or Fetish? You decide!

This brings up another question: Art or Fetish? The $173,000 vaginal sculpture was created by artist Fernado de la Jara and is titled “Pi-Chacan” – or “Making Love” and was first erected on the campus in 2001. It took students that long for someone to get inside the vagina? Come on!

This reminds me of a fetish topic I covered recently, Vorarephilia: sexual arousal from the desire to be swallowed whole. Maybe the “sculpture” is really just part of this type of bizarre fetish and this kid really “gets” it. Like it’s been sitting there the whole time waiting for someone to “get it” and get in it. Artist Fernado de la Jara can now have gratification knowing that his masterpiece has finally found fulfilment.

These Vores should really move to Germany, they would enjoy vandalizing the art.

And maybe this kid really “gets’ the point of the art piece and it’s been sitting there the whole time waiting for someone to “get” it. Or maybe it’s just a douchie sculpture. No pun intended on it being douchie unless there is a giant douche sculpture that they can put this thing next to.

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