College Girl Caught On Camera Spitting In & Spraying Windex In Roommates’ Food

What is the craziest thing a roommate ever did to you? Chances are it wasn’t as bad as the vicious attack on her roommate’s food that 22 year-old Hayley King was caught on camera committing. She was caught on camera spitting in and spraying Windex into her two roommates’’ food.

The University of South Carolina student had been suspected of tampering with her roommates’ food for a while. So the two young ladies she lived with decided to set up some hidden cameras. What they discovered will make you double check your food if you are living in a “Single White Female” situation.

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She is not borrowing the mayonnaise.

She had been fighting with her roommates for weeks and they wanted her to move out. However instead of leaving in peace King decided to retaliate. In the video King can be seen in the shared kitchen of the off-campus house that she lived in with the two women. She opens the fridge and clearly hawks a loogie in a container. Just a little added flavor to the yogurt. What’s the big deal? I’m sure you all “know” some sick bastards that have probably done way worse, right. Well then she takes a bottle of Windex cleaning solution and starts spraying it all over their food. Oh.

King was charged by police with “unlawful, malicious tampering with human drug product or food” – a Class C Felony that could land her 20 years in prison; where she will get to eat a lot of delicious food.

Before the heinous food tampering was caught on video, one of the unidentified roommates says she ate some Windex and spit covered food.

King later confessed to her crime when confronted with the evidence. One of the terrified roommates said;

“The aftermath … caused me to fall behind in my classes,” one of King’s roommates said. “I was forced to switch out of one of my courses because I was so distracted with everything going on. This not only affected me physically, having to deal with the repercussions of the incident, but also mentally from the anxiety that came along with it.”

A friend of the roommate from hell also sent the other girls threatening text messages:

 “While Hayley is moving out don’t fuck with her. Y’all have been fucking taunting her since the semester started. If she tells me you’re fucking with her I will personally come and check you. You too old to try to be bullying some damn body. Grow the fuck up.”

Well isn’t that special?

What is the most messed up thing a roommate has ever done to you?

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Source: WISTV