College Baseball Dad Makes Up Ridiculous Story Just To Screw With Reporter

Did you know that the College World Series of baseball began last week? It’s true! You may not care and I may not care, but there are surely dozens of people out there who give a shit, one of whom has to be this Mississippi fan who made up a ridiculous story for reporters, Terry Powell.

You see, Terry Powell is a Mississippi State fan. Terry Powell traveled all the way to Omaha, Nebraska, just to see his team play, which is really saying something – can anyone not born in Nebraska say they’ve traveled to Omaha for anything? Their only exports are plastic wrapped steaks and illiteracy; neither is particularly edible.

Mississippi fan who made up a ridiculous story for reporters gets some air-time

But Terry doesn’t care about having to hang out in the state everyone forgets about when labelling a map of the USA (even Ben Franklin said “The fuck is this shit?” when they proposed statehood), as long as he gets to watch his team. That, and fuck with the news crew from Omaha’s KMTV:

Perfect embarrassing dad move: make some shit up about your wife’s boyfriend selling your son’s prosthetic leg on Craigslist just so the dad can afford to fuck off for a while and watch baseball.

And in case anyone is concerned that this story might be true, fear not: even Terry’s wife thinks it’s hilarious:

[H/T The Big Lead]