Is This New Milk Campaign Featuring Women Really Sexist To You?

Did you have any clue that milk could send such a panic through the consumer community such as these ads above? If you’re offended, you can blame the soda company Coca-Cola for this perverted injustice with many people taking to twitter and other social media platforms to complain.

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Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with these ads. The “pinup style” has been around for decades and no one has made a peep about Betty Page calenders or Coca-Cola ads from the 1950s which have been recirculated for years, so what happens when you add milk to the equation? Complaint armageddon! Truth be told, the new milk brand (Fairlife) brought to you by companies Coca-Cola and Select Milk actually offers “a more beneficial milk product” with more protein and calcium than other brands, at half the sugar. Oh, and it’s lactose-free. Speaking for myself, milk gives me the farts so advertising aside, I’m in. And frankly, the images we see here are nothing worse than a Katy Perry album cover.

The one image though that seems to annoy most people is the woman on the scale making the “I weigh WHAT?” face. To which I say if this ad will make people stop drinking soda like it’s going out of style and drink more milk, more power to’em!

Even with the backlash the campaign has already received, the brand actually published a 2014 calendar. Now that’s confidence. Check out the other images from the campaign below.

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Personally, I’m now ready for a tall glass of milk with a cookie.

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