Nightclub Posts Worst Ad Ever Of A Passed Out Naked Woman For “Ladies Night”

Liquid Windsor, a nightclub in England posted an ad on their twitter page letting women know that they’re giving a free booth away to groups of ladies attending TONIGHT! Sounds pretty exciting, huh?

Unfortunately, the picture they used to accompany the ad received the opposite reaction they were hoping for. Depictng a passed out drunk woman with her top removed, wearing only her underwear laying across a picnic table covered in alcohol. Frankly, she looks dead.

Hopefully their “booth” is a little classier than this.

The classy part is they didn’t even tweet a censored image of the girl’s face originally. Obviously they made a quick google search for just the right image, but you’d think out of every photo you could possibly post, this one might send the worst message. I’m no Don Draper, but common sense should tell you that. Especially when reaching out to your female patrons.

A spokeswoman for the club released a statement saying, “We apologise unreservedly for any offence caused. Liquid Windsor is a responsible operator and does not condone or promote irresponsible drinking.” Although the photo may convey a message to women about irresponsible drinking, my fear is that it conveys a different message to the men that attend the club. You know, the real dirtbag types.  Hey look guys, passed-out naked chicks are here for Rape-a-palooza!

Originally posted yesterday, the ad was removed 40 minutes later.

What do you think, ladies? Does Liquid Windsor look like a fun time or what?!

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source: Daily Mail, Metro