Clothing Company Forced To Apologize For This Sexist Shirt Label

A clothing manufacturer in Indonesia had to apologize this weekend after the label to a sports jersey it printed caused outrage on social media. Salvo Sports Apparel had some interesting washing instructions that might be more appropriate coming out of the mouth of a character on Mad Men, than printed on the label of a soccer jersey.

Apparently Eric Cartman is the new head of label design over at Salvo.

After lots of tweets condemning the clothing label that appeared on jerseys for the Indonesian Super League team Pusamania Borneo as sexist, Salvo issued an apology saying:

“The message is simply ‘rather than fussing and washing wrongly, it is better to let the women do it as they understand the problem better.  There is no intention at all to insult women. In fact it’s the contrary, (telling men to) learn how to take care of their clothing from women as they are more thorough. Not all men understand or know how to take care of their clothing, women are experts in such matters.”

Oh: So nothing offensive here! They just meant that women are better at cleaning clothes! They should have taken the label as a compliment, but you know “they get so emotional sometimes.”

The non offensive part of the jersey… if you hate dolphins.

To make matters worse for the company they released the above apology on International Women’s Day which aims to celebrate the achievements of women around the world. Some took issue with the awkward timing with one Twitter user posting:

“Dear @SALVO_ID Your apology oh women are better at cleaning clothes – sexism as a COMPLIMENT?”

Hopefully Salvo doesn’t have a shirt instructing us to “separate the whites.” What do you think, was it all a funny joke, “a compliment” or totally inappropriate?

Also, a “Large Salvo” sounds kind of dirty.

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Source: BBC