Classified Info Released: Krispy Kreme Nutella Infused Donut To Be Sold!

I love donuts and have often caught myself thinking how it would be great if there was enough hazelnut chocolate spread inside one to grab my heart and strangle it. That is why I was overly excited when an internal document was leaked from the Kreme headquarters revealing classified info on an official Krispy Kreme Nutella infused donut.

Apparently the James Bond of fat guys was on top of this.

My God, we have the technology. Here is the briefing to employees who I assume were sworn to secrecy or else they would be forced to eat a dozen of these amazing monstrosities in one sitting.

To top it off Krispy Kreme had to try and make this thing even more exciting. It wasn’t enough to fill a donut with Nutella, they had to go out of their way to make this thing kick even more ass. So they decided to sell the Nutella donuts via ATM Machine located in London! Hopefully whoever hacked the Krispy Kreme computer servers isn’t able to hack into the donut ATM, especially since all proceeds will be going to charity.  Reminds me of the Cupcake ATM in Beverly Hills:

So if Nutella is a thing in donuts now, what other punch you in the face foods would you like to see Krispy Kreme incorporate into their donuts that would make you salivate like a pig on a hot day?

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1. Donut Stuffed With Meat And Cheese


2. Donut Stuffed With Ice Cream


3. Donut Stuffed With Candy Bar


4. Mac And Cheese Infused Donut


5. Taco Donut


6. Foie Gras Stuffed Donut

What would you like to see inside a donut?!