Guy Receives Perfect Hardees Cinammon Roll, Belongs In The Food Hall Of Fame

The shitty part about ordering any dessert is not getting enough toppings. If you order a hot fudge sundae, that damn thing better be loaded with hot fudge, otherwise you get halfway through eating it and you realize there’s nothing but boring ice cream left.

One guy recently went to Hardees looking for their “cinnamon biscuit” but what he got in return really belongs in the fast food dessert hall of fucking fame.

Here’s what their cinnamon biscuit normally looks like. It gives us dirty thoughts too:

And here’s what this dude received:

Gross? Too much icing? We think not! Sure, he’s gonna need a goddam shovel to get through it all but it’s better to have too much of one thing then not enough of it! It’s about time food employees offered a little bit more to their paying customers. Generosity at it’s finest, folks.

We’re not sure if the guy who was gifted this deliciousness actually ate it or was absolutely disgusted but either way it’s nice to know that there are still angels among us.