Cinnamon Challenge Videos: Don't Try This At Home

blawsome by blawsome on Oct. 09, 2014

Cinnamon Challenge Videos


To answer that question, I first have to explain that the cinnamon challenge is a popular and potentially dangerous (I wonder if those two things might be related) food stunt involving the following quick and easy steps:

  1. Swallow a spoonful of pure cinnamon in under 60 seconds.
  2. Don’t wash it down with anything.
  3. Post the attempt on the internet.
  4. Try not to die.

Once you complete those four steps, congratulations! You have completed the cinnamon challenge. A you could have probably figured out for yourself (but I’m going to tell you anyway), a cinnamon challenge video is a video of someone completing the cinnamon challenge, minus the part about them uploading the video online, otherwise then we’d be getting into the same territory as that George Carlin bit about extending your life by including you watching your life flash before your eyes in your life flashing before your eyes. But I digress.

 Anyway, the best way to find out what cinnamon challenge video is all about is to watch one. This is probably as good a place as any to begin your cinnamon challenge videographic odyssey:


That one makes a good intro to the world of cinnamon challenge videos for two reasons – one, it’s funny, which is a common link between practically all cinnamon challenge videos, but two, it’s also visually compelling, when she spits the cinnamon out in a nasty-looking red cloud. When it comes to cinnamon challenge videos, that’s pretty much the total package. If you’re looking for formal dynamism or emotional poignancy, you might want to interest yourself in a different art form. Here’s another good one:

As you can see, that one was a much more chaotic take on the cinnamon challenge, with multiple participants and a general air of madness. In that sense, it’s probably a good representation of what it’s like to actually do the cinnamon challenge, which probably makes it worthwhile all on its own.


Uh, I guess so. This next one is actually titled “Cute Wife Attempts Cinnamon Challenge,” and I can vouch for the fact that the woman in the video is indeed cute. The uploader of the video recommends closing your eyes and simply listening to it for increased entertainment value, but in the interest of good taste I will not mention what appears to be happening if the video is listened to in this way. Check it out:


This is a much easier request to fulfil. Unless you’re sexually attracted to violent coughing and gagging, most cinnamon challenge videos won’t exactly get the blood going. Here’s another example:

In addition to the usual heaving and hawing, this iteration of the cinnamon challenge also features the victim trying to whistle for some reason. Whistling, as you might know, requires quite a bit of moisture about the lips to accomplish, so it doesn’t really make sense to try to do it with a mouthful of cinnamon. But it also doesn’t make much sense to do the cinnamon challenge in the first place, so here we are.

Here’s another cinnamon challenge video that shows a would-be attempter of the stunt crashing and (literally) burning instead of succeeding in completing the challenge. The video is a little bit dark, but given that you’ve already accumulated a fair bit of cinnamon challenge awareness, you probably won’t have too many problems figuring out what’s happening in the video. Here it is:

Next we have another failed attempt at completing the cinnamon challenge, with a participant who rushes for a bottle of something to drink seconds after ingesting the stuff. You also get a small cloud of cinnamon that comes out of his mouth, which is the closest thing to special effects we have in these videos. It’s not as big as the cloud in the first video I wrote about here, but there’s a helpful zoom-in that makes sure you won’t miss it. That’s another key to a good cinnamon challenge video: Cinematography.

Not everyone who takes the cinnamon challenge fails in the same way. Our next participant is a man named Alberto, who must have figured that everybody else who has ever tried to do this must have been exaggerating the effects of ingesting pure ground cinnamon as part of some massive and elaborately coordinated practical joke. His look of confidence before he takes the cinnamon couldn’t be clearer, but he quickly succumbs to the red dragon, and the off-screen voice seems to suggest that he doesn’t even swallow the cinnamon at first. He does swallow some water, though, which means he is automatically DISQUALIFIED:


Although actually succeeding in the cinnamon challenge is so rare that it might not even be technically possible for most people, this next video at least shows somebody having some fun with it. Where most people who take the spoonful of cinnamon look and sound like they’re about to die, the first guy in this video is having a ball, laughing it up with his buddies. It’s actually kind of quaint. Watch the video I’m talking about below, and try to remember if you were ever this young and carefree:



I mentioned in the last paragraph that the cinnamon challenge might be impossible “for most people,” but that allows for a small segment of the population to be able to do it. Many of these secret heroes might be walking around out there right now, completely unaware of their mutant ability to swallow an entire spoonful of ground cinnamon without any water. But at least one of them did find out about the cinnamon challenge, and did successfully complete it. To make matters even worse for the thousands of people who have tried it and failed, he also makes it look pretty easy. Check it out:


Now, back to the failures:

This guy doesn’t succeed in the cinnamon challenge, but he does seem to enjoy himself a little, with what I guess you could call a cinnamon-eating grin plastered on his face, especially after he gives up and starts gulping water:


If you’re looking for failures, specifically cinnamon challenge failures, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better video than the following, which gives you a triple shot of sweet, sweet cinnamon challenge failure. According to the video title, each of the three men  who attempt the cinnamon challenge are roommates, but they were apparently unable to put their heads together and come up with a workable strategy for swallowing a dry spoonful of ground cinnamon. I thought there was supposed to be strength in numbers? Here it is:


Unlike the similarly named (and more recently popular) Ice Bucket Challenge, the cinnamon challenge doesn’t have a good cause associated with it, and it’s actually physically dangerous, so most celebrities who take an interest in their own public relations have ignored it. But a few more ballsy public figures have given it a try, like the infamous Octomom, who added it to her already prodigious list of accomplishments in the video below:

If you want to see any bigger celebrities than Octomom try the cinnamon challenge, you might be out of luck. I’m not saying they don’t exist, but I am saying that videos are pretty hard to find because of a convention that encourages viral stardom hopefuls to give their cinnamon challenge videos misleading names. For example, if some regular guy from Indiana wants people to watch his cinnamon challenge video, he might title it “Lil Wayne Cinnamon Challenge,” not because Lil Wayne is actually swallowing cinnamon in the video but because he’s “challenging” Lil Wayne to beat his time (or some other equally flimsy pretext). But I did find at least one other public person who did the cinnamon challenge, this time on live TV. It’s Illinois Governor Pat Quinn, who can be seen attempting the challenge in the video below. It’s doubtful that many politicians would agree to do such a thing today, since the cinnamon challenge is widely believed to be a risky endeavor for anyone to do for health reasons, but hey, this was two whole years ago:

Of course, at least one person became a celebrity because she did the cinnamon challenge, and in effect kicked off this entire trend. It’s YouTuber GloZell Green, and you can see the cinnamon challenge that launched a thousand cinnamon challenges below. This is where it all started:


Sure, just one: Do not try to do the cinnamon challenge.