This Leaked Image Of An Untouched Cindy Crawford Photo Has Everyone Talking

With the world knowing how exactly much magazines photoshop celebrities for print ads to make them look as perfect as humanly possible, a photo of Cindy Crawford modelling for magazine Marie Claire has been circulating the web because of its honesty. Untouched, the photo depicts Crawford in her 40’s modeling lingerie for the magazine, only what she’s wearing is lesser the point.

Here’s Crawford from the 90’s.

And here is Crawford’s brave gesture that you don’t have to be photoshopped to be beautiful.

[[contentId: 2820121| | style: height:681px; width:510px]]

Some have said the image is for an upcoming issue of Marie Claire, but the magazine itself has made it clear the image is from a 2013 shoot when Crawford was 46-years-old, and was actually not meant to be seen as part of Marie Claire’s Latin America issue where the other images were used. Regardless, the magazine stands by the image and recognizes how perfect it is all the same. Can’t help but agree!

[[contentId: 2820122| | style: height:283px; width:509px]]

Here are two other images with way more clothing that were actually used for that 2013 issue.

[[contentId: 2820123| | style: height:332px; width:511px]]

It’s a shame the magazine didn’t place the forgotten image in the issue because clearly it’s more important beyond a product. So let that be a lesson to you Marie Claire editors, and other publication editors out there. Your guidelines can’t stop Cindy f*cking Crawford.

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Source: Metro