Christopher Lloyd Wants To Make A ‘Back To The Future 4’

Back to the Future is 30 years old. It’s painful to say, but for those of us that knew it was a classic when the film was first released can laugh in the faces of those that still don’t deem the film to be as such. Seriously, there are some people that exist in this world who have NEVER seen any of the BTTF films. But now with the official date of Back to the Future Part 2 coming around, October 21st, the day Marty McFly travels to the year 2015, the franchise is more popular now than ever and Christopher Lloyd is ready to head back to the franchise that continues to make him a household name.

Lloyd, in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter said that he would return to play Doc Brown for a fourth installment if the rest of the core cast were to also show up. Will that ever happen? You’re more likely to get a Hoverboard for Christmas, but it’s still cool that he enjoys playing Doc Brown almost as much as we enjoy watching him.

Even though Lloyd has played the inventor of the Delorean time machine in three films, he’s starred in a slew of commercials including a short film that will be released amongst the trilogy’s re-release onto DVD/Blu-Ray.  The trilogy was originally released to DVD and Blu-Ray to celebrate their 25th anniversary five years ago. I guess we’ll be getting a re-release every five years now?

Even though a fourth sequel will probably never happen, Lloyd and Michael J. Fox still like to make appearances together including this clip from Toyota in which they discuss the technology from the 1989 film compared to the technology we have now.

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Even though the above video is about as painful as watching a beloved family member not remember their name, it’s still cool to see the two iconic actors hanging out and chit-chatting. Even though probably paid to do so. Handsomely paid probably.

Regardless, at least we will all still have the three films. And as we had reported a while back, the knowledge that Back to the Future will not be getting the reboot treatment anytime soon. HALLELUJAH!