One Awesome Actor You Didn’t Spot In The Sin City 2 Trailer

I’ve been told I have a super power of recognizing random people in random movies and television shows, so this is really no exception and I couldn’t help but share this find with my fellow cinephiles.

The Sin City 2 trailer was released earlier today and it looks incredible, jam-packed with a laundry list of names from Rourke’s return to Ray Liotta and Josh Brolin as noted in the trailers ending credits.  Yet one name is missing! 

You see a first glimpse of him in a very brief moment where he slides open a door’s speakeasy-like grill.

And again later in a scene with Joseph Gordon-Levitt. He’s the one that’s not Joseph Gordon-Levitt. 

[[contentId: 2584683| | style: height:306px; width:559px]]

Then it became clear.  Recognize the old bummy guy yet?

[[contentId: 2584684| | style: height:391px; width:547px]]

That’s right.  It’s the Doc himself, CHRISTOPHER LLOYD.

[[contentId: 2584685| | style: height:217px; width:543px]]


Frankly, Lloyd is the last guy I would have expected to show up in any of Robert Rodriguez’s films, let alone a Sin City sequel but it makes me that much more interested in this movie.  Especially since Lloyd hasn’t made a film I couldn’t laugh at in over 10 years.  Maybe this is a sign of the Christopher Lloyd renaissance period.  God I hope so.  He’s too good to go to waste.

I looked up Lloyd’s IMDB page to find zero mention of Sin City 2, which makes this cameo all the more interesting.  Are they keeping his role under wraps?  Surely producers know he’s just enough of a name to advertise (or at the very least credit him on IMDB for pete’s sakes), so who knows what’s going on there.  I’m just glad to see the Reverend in something awesome again and can’t wait to find out exactly what he’s doing in it.

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