Hallmark Pulls Wrapping Paper After Discovering Hidden Swastika Design

The last thing you want on any wrapping paper, let alone Hanukkah wrapping paper is thousands of swastikas. The Walgreens produced wrapping paper caught the eye of a customer in California after she went to her local Hallmark store looking for something to wrap holiday gifts in. After noticing the obvious swastika design, she let the store owners know which quickly lead to them to pulling the rolls from display. They then informed Walgreens that any store carrying the paper should probably do the same thing.

I’m no design expert, but that definitely looks like a swastika to me.


Sure, maybe the creators of the paper’s design was just doodling a maze like pattern, but regardless, that’s a damn swastika. Hallmark had licensed the wrapping paper which comes in more than just the silver and blue design. They said it’s not exclusively meant for Hanukkah, but that the woman who first discovered the ill-suited paper pulled the item from a Hanukkah display that just so happened to be the colors of the Jewish holiday. The retailers were then notified to pull the paper yesterday with many other stores following.

Here’s a guess at what the designer looked like.

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source: Kanascity.com