Christmas Dinner Chicken Skin Teddy Bear of Horrors!





This Christmas instead of having the traditional holiday ham, open up your window, flip him a coin and tell the first little boy you see in the street to run to the market and buy the largest teddy bear made of chicken skin he can find! On second thought don’t yell at little boys about chicken skin bears, at least not on Christmas. However if you have a stomach like Russian artist Viktor Ivanov than you may be preparing your family a delicious Chicken Skin Teddy Bear!



[[contentId: 2555251| | style: height:375px; width:560px]]



Ivanov sewed together this holiday horror in an effort to scare the crap out of his dinner guests. (OK, he didn’t say that, but why else would he make this?) So if you ever wanted to know the feeling of cutting into a teddy bear’s flesh and wash it down with some egg nog while carolers sing outside and the fire is crackling… hen here is your inspiration. Only this skin bear has an actual stuffed teddy underneath. You will have to mold your own meat into a Teddy Bear or even a totally non horrifying Meat Baby:



[[contentId: 2555252| | style: height:414px; width:500px]]



For dessert you can serve human head cake!



[[contentId: 2555253| | style: height:344px; width:548px]]



Apparently Viktor likes working in chicken skin as he also creates this BDSM mask made of chicken skin, which is fun to sit around at home wearing while make taxidermy presents for your imaginary friends. Happy holidays!



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