Woman Arrested After Spending Money Bank “Wrongfully Transferred” To Her Account

A woman in Australia was arrested upon trying to leave the country on charges that she spent millions of dollars that were “wrongfully transferred” into her bank account. Christine Jiaxin Lee, 21, had obtained an emergency passport and was attempting to fly to Malaysia when she was detained.

According to court records, Westpac accidentally gave Lee access to an unlimited overdraft account four years ago. The fourth-year chemical engineering student allegedly began using the funds in April 2014, and within a year, she had spent $4,653,333.02, a large portion going towards purchases of high-end handbags and a lavish penthouse apartment in Sydney. 

Lee’s boyfriend, Vincent King, attempted to pay her $1,000 bail, but could not do so because he only carried his Malaysian ID and authorities could not verify his address. Lee, who is also Malaysian and has lived in Australia for five years, was forced to spend a night in jail but is expected to be released after a hearing today.

Magistrate Lisa Stapleton said Thursday that police will have a difficult time proving that Lee committed a crime, noting that it was the bank who made a mistake. “It isn’t proceeds of crime. It’s money we all dream of,” she said.


Source: News.com.au