Christina Ricci Nude: From Wednesday Addams To Nymphomaniac

Monkey500 by Monkey500 on May. 07, 2014

Many men fondly remember their first crushes, but seldom to we get to see them really grow up before our eyes. From big eyed child star to buxom starlet, Christina Ricci has had a lengthy career, but like most lengthy careers has had ups and downs. As she has aged and her fans have fantasized about her being up and down, her assets have changed. And by assets, we perhaps really mean:

Christina Ricci in blue bustier


Short of following her around and risking a restraining order, which is a stupid, evil, uncouth and dorky-ass thing to do, there are plenty of ways to take a peek at Christina Ricci nude. Her first topless nude scene came in 2001’s “Prozac Nation,” based on the 1994 autobiographical book by Elizabeth Wurtzel. The film was a financial flop, never even getting a theatrical release, perhaps because it was a beloved piece of “chick lit” that got more hype for being Ms. Ricci’s first real screen nudity than for its angst-filled portrayal of depression. Upping its cool factor is that it featured the legendary Lou Reed  playing himself, so the marketing team clearly missed its chance for a “Boobs and Lou” poster.

christina ricci topless in prozac nation

Christina practically grew up on-screen, with notable roles in 1990’s “Mermaids,” 1991’s “The Addams Family” and 1995’s “Casper” all hitting screens long before she was old enough for adult roles. Audiences first got a glimpse of her bombshell side with a pair of terrific films in 1998, “The Opposite of Sex” and “Buffalo ’66.” Both films gave her a chance to demonstrate serious skills as an actress, with both receiving raves worldwide, as well as that she had grown a serious set of breasts. Her Lolita-esque nature was used to great effect in both of these wonderful films, although a case can be made that she has yet to do such strong film work again.

christina ricci wednesday addams

Arguably her most explicit screen nudity was done for 2006’s “Black Snake Moan.” The film is a veritable encyclopedia of perversity and of naked Christina Ricci, chockfull of crazy, sexy and just plain odd moments. Where else can you see her naked with Justin Timberlake (putting a different spin on FutureSex, perhaps?), having sex wearing shoulder pads while laying on a football field, and naked while chained up? Toss in the fact that she’s barely dressed through much of the film, takes a streamy bath and portrays a nymphomaniac and you’ve got the makings of a naked Christina Ricci festival. You can see her sex scenes right here.

christina ricci in black snake moan nearly naked

Christina Ricci’s most recent nude scene was in 2012’s “Bel Ami.” If indeed you choose to track the film down, bear in mind that there are multiple versions in circulation, with the American version omitting her nude scene. Luckily for her fans, there is a magical land known as Europe, and European audiences did get to take a peek. Noteworthy too is that her partner in the sex scenes is none other than Robert Pattinson, proving once and for all that vampires dig Christina Ricci as much as mortals. While the film itself might bore Kristen Stewart or nearly anyone else, having earned a measly 28% Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, it does offer her a chance to put on an accent while taking off her clothes.

Christina has also appeared naked or partially naked in other films, including 2009’s “After Life” and 2003’s “Monster”, opposite an even more naked ( in make up rendering her as unappealing as possible) Charlize Theron in an Oscar-winning role.


While Christina Ricci has never done an actual nude photo shoot, she has several times  appeared in public in outfits that left little to the imagination. From see through tops to cleavage baring outfits that seemed to defy gravity, the pint sized actress who stands only 5’1” has given the paparazzi plenty of sizzle over the years.

christina ricci in see through white dress


christina ricci see through black shirt nipples