Christina Ricci Dressed As Morticia Addams Will Give You A Real Uncle Fester

When Christina Ricci starred in both The Addams Family (and subsequently Addams Family Values) as the evil Wednesday Addams, she was only 11 but took what was a 60-year-old forgotten character and made it one of the more memorable horror icons of the century. Well, now that Ricci is clearly no longer 11 and well into her 30’s, she’s giving herself a promotion by dressing up as Wednesday’s sexy mom, Morticia Addams. And to no surprise really, she does she fit in the Morticia dress nicely.

Truth be told, this is actually a photoshop job with Christina Ricci’s head and bosom added onto a promo photo of original Morticia Addams costume worn by actress Angelica Huston from both films. The photo recently took over the internet because, well, it’s just so perfect but now knowing it’s a fake, it actually doesn’t alter its effectiveness at all coincidentally. In fact, it only furthers the fact that Ricci should without a doubt return to the franchise, maybe even as an Adult Wednesday Addams taking on today’s issues in the comedic tone only Wednesday could give.

Writer/Creator/Actress Melissa Hunter actually did part of that job for Ricci as a web series, which was unfortunately removed by the Addams estate due to copyright but nevertheless proved it to be a successful formula, so maybe there’s something to that concept.