Father Of The Year Got A Tattoo Of His Son’s Face On His Face

Christien Sechrist is in the running to become father of the year. Not because he has just deposited his life savings into his son’s college fund or anything. It’s because he recently got this epic tattoo of his son. Unfortunately the tattoo is on his face and it’s huge.

Tattoos are supposed to lighten up over time, right? Hope so.

With this tattoo not being Sechrist’s first, he posted the new addition onto his facebook page, which was met by the same type of reaction you probably had when you first saw the image yourself. Unfortunately Sechrist’s answer to his friend’s question of “How are you ever going to get a real fucking job to support your son with a tattoo on your face?” isn’t what we would’ve hoped for. But I suppose what you would expect.

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Then again, compared to Sechrist’s other tattoos, an image of his son’s face may be one of the more “work appropriate” images he has depicted. Sporting a skull on the side of his head, and a pentagram on his cheek, an image of his son is at least a step in the right direction.

If he ever lands an office job, he could always point out the fact that a face tattoo of his son was less expensive than a fancy desk frame.

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Source: Elite Daily