Christians Are Going Crazy Over The Lack Of Christmas On This Starbucks Cup

In a new chapter of “Things People Find To Bitch About”, we have a topic regarding Starbucks’ new Holiday cup in the spotlight along with some weird Christian rage to go with it.

Look at that cup! Makes you ANGRY doesn’t it?!

In years prior, Starbucks has had a more festive holiday cup often showing snowflakes and maybe a ribbon or two, but people are taking their brand new minimalist plain red approach in an angry direction by saying Starbucks is not only anti-Christmas but stating that the coffee chain simply hates Jesus. Last I checked, “Christmas” wasn’t the only holiday coffee drinkers celebrated this time of year, but that’s not stopping Christians from letting their emotions get in the way of just accepting a plain ole red cup. It’s a Christian’s world, folks and we’re just living in it apparently.

In fact, a preacher named Joshua Feuerstein (apparently not Jewish) has decided to go on quite the angry rampage by not only deeming that Starbucks hates Jesus but asking everyone in the world to say their name is “Merry Christmas” when ordering their coffee so the employees are forced to put “Merry Christmas” on their cup. Feuerstein claims he “tricked” Starbucks into writing Merry Christmas on his latte but something tells me the employee working the counter that day just didn’t give as much of a shit and wrote whatever this Kevin James look-a-like wanted to get him out of the building.

Check out his weirdly passionate rant below in which he posted to his facebook page.

It seems Feuerstein has really started an uproar because more Christians are hopping on the bandwagon, as if Starbucks was founded by Jesus himself.

Personally, I think these people should be more grateful they live in a country where they’re even able to drink ANYTHING so readily available, let alone be angered by a cup that actually says nothing at all. My guess is Starbucks just decided to go the more artistic route with a plain red cup instead of something that looked more like a container that your grandma might keep her hand soap in. Starbucks is afterall the Urban Outfitters of coffee retail and last I checked, Urban Outfitters had plain solid tshirts that were overpriced as well.

So maybe these people should leave Starbucks alone and bother literally anyone in America that may not be sporting “Merry Christmas” on every little item they sell. But they’re probably just too lazy for that nonsense.