Chris Rock Has Been Taking A Selfie Everytime He Gets Pulled Over By The Cops

Chris Rock is one of the highest paid comedians, selling out arenas, directing films and of course starring in those Grown Up movies can make quite the pay day all on their own, but it’s his WhoSay and Instagram accounts that are getting a little bit more attention these days. Chris Rock has been taking a selfie everytime he gets pulled over so he can share the cherished moment with his fans.

“Just got pulled over by the cops wish me luck.”

“Stopped by the cops again wish me luck.”

“I’m not even driving stopped by the cops again.”

With the posts being void of really any humor, Rock has always pointed out potential racism he faces when living his normal life so maybe this is a way to finally document such occasions. Especially if he drives as nice of a car as he probably does. What is interesting is when Chris Rock was a guest on Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedian’s in Cars Getting Coffee, Seinfeld and Rock were pulled over by the police, which had never, and still hasn’t happened in any of the show’s other episodes.

Obviously in this day and age, there’s a lot of questionable behavior that has been captured on camera so maybe Rock’s photos are more of a public service as to what really goes on than merely just photos trying to be funny. Regardless, I just wish the cops would leave Rock alone. Maybe his traffic tickets are why he keeps making bland comedies.

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source: Huff Po