Set Your DVR’s, The First 3 People To Host SNL’s 40th Season Are Awesome has reported that Chris Pratt, Sarah Silverman and living legend Bill Murray will be hosting the first three episodes of Saturday Night Live’s 40th season. Good God, my brain just melted.

I was a little wary after so many of last season’s cast and writers were given the Lorne Michael’s boot. Especially with the passing of long time show announcer Don Pardo, you had to wonder how NBC could possibly up their game for SNL’s big 40. Well, they certainly did it in my opinion. It seems the only completely unconfirmed host is Bill Murray, but that’s no big surprise. I mean the man uses a 1-800 number to make deals for pete’s sake.

Even though Splitsider has mentioned that the news hasn’t been officially announced by NBC, their affiliates made the announcement and then were asked to remove it before the NBC corporation could make official word. It’s like dating, neither party wants to say the words first before knowing for sure.

Nevertheless, this looks to be one of the more promising seasons of SNL in quite a while. It’s been too long since they put more effort into getting good hosts than the often sub-par background talent (Kate McKinnon excluded. She’s amazing.)

So which guest are you looking forward to the most?

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source: Splitsider