Chris Pratt Reveals His First Headshot, And It Is Pretty Embarrassing

Chris Pratt is not only the most popular actor in show business right now, but he seems just like a really cool dude to boot. He skyrocketed after Guardians of the Galaxy became the summer blockbuster, he’ll be hosting the season premiere of Saturday Night Live, but just yesterday, he wanted to show his fans he’s just like any other guy by tweeting an image of his first headshot from 2000. Wow, just wow.

This picture has all things classy going for it. Black and white, an open button down shirt revealing chest hair, dyed blonde tips, and of course…sideburns. All bets were off in 2000, folks. That’s what Y2K taught us.

But it’s Pratt’s self-given nickname for the headshot that really sells the photo for all its worth: “Douchemaster McChest”

Awesome. And looking forward to that season premiere of SNL. The guy can’t lose.

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source: Pratt’s twitter