Chris Pratt Recreated His Famous “Raptor Standoff Pose” At A Children’s Hospital

Chris Pratt is winning the year. First his hit show Parks and Recreation went out on a big high note for NBC and then his film career had another highlight after the success that was Guardians of the Galaxy with Jurassic World (which just saw it’s second weekend at #1 after beating a Pixar movie. A PIXAR MOVIE, FOLKS!) Well Pratt isn’t just a nice guy on screen with his likeable characters, he’s actually a pretty good guy off camera as well. Today, Pratt visited Lake Children’s Hospital in Baton Rouge, Louisiana to hand out some sweet Jurassic World toys and sign a few posters for the kids. But luckily he didn’t leave without giving the kids one final treat. The now iconic Jurassic World raptor pose.

The guy is one cool dude. Never change, Pratt!