BREAKING: All-Female Ghostbusters Casts Chris Hemsworth As Their Receptionist

If you already hated the new all-female Ghostbusters directed by Spy director Paul Feig, you’re about to have your nerd brain go into a tail spin. It seems Feig has made one other big casting decision for the Ghostbusters universe and that’s for the role of Janine the receptionist, once played by Annie Potts in Ghostbusters 1 & 2. Well now it seems he’s also turned the tables on the sex of that role as well by casting Chris Hemsworth as the new ‘busters’ receptionist.

Let that sink in for a second. Personally, I don’t mind a man being cast as their receptionist but someone who might be more famous than the actual women playing the Ghostbusters? Why not cast someone maybe more unknown so it all gels a little bit better instead of stunt casting the role! I was actually on board with the all-female casting, but this just really threw it for a loop. And not a very good one.

With Feig adding the hashtag #WhoYouGonnaCall, it seems that Ghostbusters quote is really the only thing “Ghostbusters” the director is sticking with. Beyond that, how the hell else are you going to tell this is a Ghostbusters movie?? Now I’m starting to wonder if this movie really is for Ghostbusters fans.

We are speechless at this time. Give us a minute.