Chris Hansen Is Going To Bring Back 'To Catch A Predator' With Kickstarter

The show that famously caught perverts looking to sleep with underage girls and boys will hopefully be making a comeback with the help of its host, Chris Hansen. But it won't be with any funding from NBC, the company that first funded the program from 2004 til 2007. Hansen is taking the concept to Kickstarter in hopes of getting a new season created which will probably air online before (hopefully) getting picked up by a network.

The new show, which will not be called To Catch A Predator, will instead be called Hansen Vs. Predator and looking for an end goal of $400,000 to get the first season going. I will gladly give this show everything in my pocket just to see the memes that could come out of "Hansen Vs. Predator". Too good, Chris. Too good.

But regardless of the sweet name, To Catch A Predator was about the only show on television that seemed to do any good in the world. Sure, we have a lot of shows that discuss people's personal problems, but this was a show that actually prevented harm rather than help after the fact.

I mean these were literally the worst types of people and Hansen's show really exposed who they were. It's a shame it was ever cancelled, but with Hansen Vs. Predator's Kickstar campaign starting tomorrow, you can possibly help get the program back up and running. I just hope one of the rewards is surprising a friend with a random visit from Hansen where he grills you about your annoying facebook posts.

We'll update this article with a link to Hansen's Kickstarter campaign tomorrow as soon as it's available.

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source: LA Times