The Reason Why Chris Farley Was Expelled From High School

The world has been celebrating Chris Farley lately, including a just released documentary titled I Am Chris Farley and a mashup video that replaced Tom Cruise with Chris Farley in the Mission Impossible Rogue Nation trailer.

We’re all aware of his achievements on the big and small screen but what about his life before he was known as the celebrity Chris Farley. The documentary goes into his childhood and reveals one factoid about the big man that proved he would pretty much do anything just to make people laugh. One laugh in particular actually got Farley expelled from Edgewood High School in Madison, Wisconsin. What did he do? He was caught entertaining students by typing with his penis.

Curious if it was just an act or if he actually tried spelling something. And if so, what were the words?

It seemed anyone that encountered Chris Farley walked away with some sort of story that could hault any conversation at the table. He was one magical man and it’s still heartbreaking to no longer have him with us.

I Am Chris Farley is playing in selected theaters and aired on the Spike channel last night. I have yet to see it, but can’t wait to finally check it out.