What The “Leave Britney Alone” Guy Looks Like Now Will Literally Shock You

You may wish you didn’t, but you totally remember the guy who screamed into his video camera under a bed sheet with the desperate cry “Leave Britney alone!” It was a flash in the pan moment for Chris Crocker which was parodied and celebrated on every late night talk show for months on end. If you don’t remember, because you’ve been living on the moon for the past decade, here’s a refresher.

Yeeeeeeah, you remember now. Well Chris Crocker has…let’s say evolved. And not in the way you would expect after having the image of a blond, long haired teenager wearing smeared mascara burned into your memory might.

This is what Chris Crocker looks like today.

You may want to sit down for this.


The dude has become a Robin Thicke look-a-like.


And our mind is blown.


Despite possibly having a modeling contract for Levi jeans in his future (just a guess), Crocker states that he is now a comedian and singer with regular uploads to his Vine account. And if there was any doubt in your mind that this is the “Leave Britney alone” kid based purely on his present looks, check out his compilation of Vines where immediate proof will be served with an extra dose of Crocker sass.

Now that that is settled, let’s pause for a moment to realize how Chris Crocker became more handsome than us all.