This Life-Sized Putin Statue Gives Chocolate A Bad Taste


When one thinks of Vladimir chocolate.

vlad 2

Sculptor Nikita Gusev made the sweet dictator for a chocolate festival in St. Petersburg.  He says chocolate is the ideal material for carving ol’ Vlad.

vlad 3

Why?  He said that “On one hand the chocolate is soft and malleable, on the other side and it can be very hard. It is very flexible, it can take any form.” Kind of like Putin himself, except that he’s not flexible when it comes to, let’s say, the Ukraine for instance.

putin potty

This isn’t quite the most offensive thing ever made out of chocolate – that would likely be this (luckily fake) chocolate Hitler.


We prefer the Benedict Cumberbatch (aka Chocobatch) as he’s less likely to send us to Siberia for laughing at him if he melts.


This lady actually liked Benedict so much that she tried to do him, so to speak.


This guy seemed to live his life like a Hershey bar in the wind.


There’s also this odd one, because clearly the world was in desperate need of a chocolate Mario Lopez.


Mario Lopez isn’t exactly our cup of tea, but in his defense, he doesn’t intentionally destroy countless lives every day.  Kim Jung-un, our next chocolate creature, is happy to take care of what Mario won’t.


Now who’s ready for some dessert?!

Source: Mirror