Chocolate Slices Invented Chocoholics Immediately Fall Off The Wagon


We all know the expression “the best thing since sliced bread,” but a Japanese company has done it one better. Yep, screw bread – how about chocolate that comes in slices?

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They are said to be good for sandwiches, but honestly, what aren’t they good for? If we had these when we were kids, we all likely would have turned into Oompa Loompas by now.


Of course, this isn’t the only unusual way chocolate has been served. For those who don’t mind the sacrilegious, there’s this chocolate Jesus.



Personally, we are partial to this one, as the only thing we like more than giant ape heads are giant chocolate ape heads.


Be careful where you step with this giant chocolate shoe, and don’t bother to ask where the other one is. Clearly, chocolate Cinderella dropped it on her way to the Diabetic’s Ball.


Some chocolate can educate as well as be delicious. You get double word points as well as cavities if you eat too many of these.


If you guessed this tastes like chicken, you’d be wrong.


This is a chocolate dress, although only Lady Gaga or an escaped mental patient would likely find it flattering.


Where should you store your new chocolate slices? How about in this room made entirely of chocolate?


Then again, the only thing we like more than chocolate is boobs. So if this is the pinnacle of chocolate making, we can’t complain.