Chips And Salsa Spark Violent Brawl Inside Mexican Restaurant

Chaos erupted at a Mexican restaurant in Texas after two rival groups began brawling over chips and salsa. According to Isael Rojas, who filmed the viral video, the fight seemingly came out of nowhere.

Apparently, an order of chips and salsa – usually a free appetizer at Mexican restaurants – costs $5 at El Paisano Mexican Restaurant in Dallas. This fact, combined with an apparent shortage of the green salsa when one of the combatants wanted red salsa, allegedly sparked the dramatic brawl.

In the clip, two women can be seen arguing across the restaurant as groups of men try to hold them back. Suddenly, a third woman sprints from out of frame and tries to ambush her target, but is blocked by several chairs and quickly grabbed.

Then all hell breaks lose. Women start pulling each others’ hair, men throw punches and hurl furniture at each other, and people tussle on the ground. Bystanders pour out of the restaurant as the fighting slows, and several of the participants – including the woman whose sneak attack started the hostility – try to calm things down.

Shockingly, no arrests were made even though the restaurant was completely trashed. Rojas claims that he was able to finish his food outside the restaurant once all the chaos had subsided.