North Korea Doesn't Want You To See This Chinese Video Mocking Kim Jong-Un

North Korea's inability to take a joke is well-documented. So it's no surprise that Pyongyang would take offense to a new viral video mocking Kim Jong-un. What is surprising is the fact that the video in question originated in China, the Hermit Kingdom's closest ally. What's even more surprising is China's unwillingness to stop the video from spreading.

The video recently surfaced on Chinese social media sites, and is credited to "Zhang," a Chinese national who reportedly attended college in South Korea. Zhang's time abroad seems to have left quite an impression, at least when it comes to his view of South Korea's enemy to the north.

To say that Zhang's video paints Kim Jong-un in a less than favorable light is an understatement. The North Korean dictator is depicted riding a pig, prancing around like a fool, and getting his ass repeatedly kicked by a smiling Barack Obama. Watch for yourself.

The North Korean government has supposedly claimed the video "seriously compromises Kim's dignity and authority," which makes sense, since that's the entire point of the video. Regardless, North Korean officals requested the Chinese Government intervene to stop the video's spread. However, despite the fact that the Internet in China is highly censored, Beijing claims it is "unable" to help, which is the diplomatic equivalent of telling North Korea to piss off. (Source)