This Chinese Backpacker Promises Sex In Return For Travel Accomodations

Ju Peng, a 19-Year-Old from Shanghai figured out a way to travel for absolutely free. No, it’s not because she gained frequent flyer miles or has an uncle that owns some nice hotel chain. It’s because she’s offering sex to any man in each city she wishes to visit who will put her up during her stay. This includes paying for travel, accomodations and any other expenses she may have while she’s in town.

But it’s not just sex, Peng insists. She says her travel helper will also “have a whole night with me, my undivided attention, and a chance to show themselves off in the company of a truly beautiful girl.” Beautiful on the inside is still debateable at this point.

So far she claims to have travelled all of eastern China and that her experience is kind of like hitch-hiking. Riiiiiight. She initially offered the bargain on her Weibo page, which is a Chinese blogging site that is a blend between Twitter and Facebook. Let’s just hope Peng isn’t retweeting any diseases during her travelling.

Oh, and she’s not looking to just have a free vacation by anyone. This young lady has standards, for petes sakes. She asks that the men be under 30, almost 6 ft. tall, rich, and good-looking.

Sorry, Vern Troyer.


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source: Telegraph