12 Crazy Chinese Translation Fails: Naughty Butt Mice


So many interesting phrases or sentences can get lost in translation, especially with countless Chinese goods flooding our shores, but some of these are almost too preposterous to believe. Anna from “Frozen” says “Do the magic!” but it was translated as “Do the lesbian” on this bad knock off above.


We may never know exactly what this sign meant, but we can assume it wasn’t meant to involve intercourse with a cucumber.

fuck veg

This picture makes us wonder more than just who or what is “Sixi” and whose husband did she roast?


Somehow we know what this one means, especially having just eaten a triple order of tater tots.


We’ll leave this one to your own imagination as we don’t have the courage to even guess what it means.

rotten child

This little guy has cute headphones and offers some sound advice.


Nope, “fetal heart custody” isn’t the weirdest part of this picture.


Depending on your politics and view on police brutality, this could possibly be appropriate for many American cities.


Is this what happens if you swim naked in the ocean?


What, you think only good girls deserve soup?


This has got to be from either Texas or Florida. Perhaps they’ll die from slipping on wet floors?


Finally, we’ll leave you with true words of wisdom to live by.