Ride At Chinese Theme Park Gives A Thrilling Death Simulation

via Cnet

There are many rides in amusement parks that people would playfully describe as a “near death experience.” But how about a theme park ride that actually makes you experience death? A ride that makes a death experience all too real? Well, a theme park in China has created such a ride where people can enjoy a genuine death experience by going through a cremation simulation. Sounds like fun for the entire family!

The theme park masterminds at Window of the World theme park in China has a new simulation called Samadhi: 4D Experience of Death that takes you through three parts of death: being dead, being cremated, and then finally, being reborn. At least there is somewhat of a happy ending here. After you’ve had a heart attack of course.

It all starts off with you in a morgue. After laying there like a corpse, you’ll be placed into a plush and luxurious casket where you will be whisked away to the crematorium where you will be cremated! To make this as real as possible, the creator of the ride went to a crematorium and laid down in an incinerator just to make sure that people get the full effect of being burned to ashes. The riders will feel hot blasts of air that reach up to 105 degrees to simulate flames. It all culminates to being reborn via an image of womb projected onto the ceiling. The riders will crawl until they reach a padded room. It’s kind of like actual child birth, but a lot cleaner.

Apparently, a lot of people who have gone on this ride have left drenched in sweat. It’s only a matter of time when we see a ride like this at Disneyland and at the end you can buy a snapshot of your funny expression while being cremated as well as your mock ashes in an urn with Mickey Mouse ears.

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