Chinese Man Jailed for Making a Meal Out of Tigers And Wine From Blood

Some people are so rich that having a nice, thick juicy steak isn’t enough to quench their appetite. They need something a little rarer and we don’t mean pink in the middle. We’re talking more about something that’s on the endangered species list like tigers. 

Why can’t we look at a tiger as a possible meal? That’s how they look at us. 

A Chinese businessman faces a long prison term for having tigers killed and turning their dead carcasses into a meal fit for a James Bond villain. That’s actually not that much of a stretch since he’s only been identified in the press as a man called “Xu.” 

Police received a recording of “Xu” ordering one of his tiger meals by phone. He reportedly had three captured tigers killed by electrocution. Then he and his friends ate the tiger meat and had the tiger’s blood turned into a sumptuous wine. He then told his friends that if anyone asked where the meat came from, they should “say it is beef, horse or big cat meat.” There’s nothing suspicious with that excuse. Why not also instruct them to say that the meat was “grrrrrrrrrrreat!” 

Who could eat a face that adorable? On second that, we really don’t want to know the answer to that. 

Laws prevent the killing of tigers because their population numbers are dwindling due to unrestrained poaching and hunting. Xu received a 13-year prison sentence for his little meal. We’re all for preserving endangered species and Xu’s bizarre meal is more than a little cowardly. However, if he hunted the tiger himself and killed it with his bare hands, he should have gotten some time off for badass behavior. 

Source: The Guardian