Chinese Man Gets Caught Dating 17 Girlfriends At Once

There are few moments as satisfying when some scumbag horndog gets caught cheating on someone in a humiliating and embarrassing manner. The satisfaction knows no gender. If you’re female, it’s satisfying watching the guy get what’s coming to them. If you’re male, it’s nice to know that so many vulnerable, attractive women are back on the market. A man in China who somehow found a way to juggle 17 girlfriends got caught with his hand in the cookie jar in the most satisfying way possible. 

“17!” – “In a row?”

A man only identified as Mr. Yuan had to go to the hospital and when his special lady/ladies found out, they started making plans to visit him. Unfortunately, they all showed up at once and realized they had all been dating the same person. Some of them had relationships with Mr. Yuan that lasted for months. One had a child with him and another had been providing him with regular financial support for their entire relationship. One even told the local papers that they had been making wedding plans until they realized he had so much extracurricular activity going on in his life. 

Some of the girlfriends at the hospital talking to doctors.

Apparently, getting yelling at by a bunch of spurned women is the least of his troubles. Local police are looking into allegations of fraud and could carry some serious criminal charges. Just imagine the poetic justice if he actually went to jail where he’s sure to become some burly, large man’s girlfriend. 

Source: BBC