Do You Believe This Man Didn’t Know He Was A Woman?

There are a lot of things wrong with this story, let’s get that out of the way to begin with.  Maybe too many things.  The news is so unbelievable these days because, a lot of times, it just isn’t true at all.  Just today the AP got caught out citing a parody Twitter account as a source for a story, so professional journalism as a whole is swirling the bowl.  In a few years Break will be winning Pulitzer’s, just you wait.  Until then, let’s sort out this tale of a Chinese man with a stomach ache who ended up a Chinese woman on her period.

According to sources, this fella was experiencing abdominal pain and blood in his urine.  He goes to the hospital, they run some tests and discover he has two X chromosomes making him genetically a woman.  Now so far this is weird but not unheard of.  There are intersexed individuals who have both sets of genitals and their parents need to choose how to raise them.  So maybe this guy had only internal female genitals and they assumed he was a boy, right?  That happens, right?  Eh, no.

After a “thorough” exam, doctors noted two important facts!  One, that this man did not have an Adam’s apple.  And strictly speaking, this is an issue in itself, as everyone actually has an Adam’s apple, they just tend to be more pronounced in men.  For a doctor to say a patient doesn’t have one at all is a little shady, but keep in mind this doctor also told local media that the patient came in with a man’s haircut so it blew their minds when they found out he wasn’t a man.  But then this happened.

Taking a look below the equator, doctors used their medical degrees to determine that this patient did not have a typical set of male genitals.  Which is to say he had the opposite.  Which is to say a vagina.

At this point in the story you have a woman who wore pants and short hair to the hospital, so picture Janet from Three’s Company.  And she was menstruating. 

We all know Jack wasn’t gay, he just had standards.

The story keeps going in fact as the (wo)man is married and has a wife and, according to the patient, they’ve had sex before and everything.  The doctors, however, really doubt it.  And so here we are with a woman dressed as a man, who has a wife, and is on her period at the hospital.

Almost as an afterthought the source story includes a line about how the patient had a swollen adrenal gland and was also suffering from something called Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia, and the gland had to be surgically removed.  At this point, you have to start making assumptions, even educated guesses.

The Happy Couple

The patient is and always was a woman, so this period thing is not why she went into the hospital because this must have happened before.  However, the Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia results in increased male hormones, so it’s possible some of those hormones have wonked up her cycle in the past.  Maybe even flooded her with enough male hormones that she was always a bit tomboyish and masculine.  And maybe in a country where they tend to kill or throw away little girls, that could be considered a good thing.  Maybe her parents even chose to raise her as a boy.  Or maybe she’s just never felt like a girl her whole life, in part thanks to imbalanced hormones, and is having issues being a lesbian, so she lives like a man and pretends to be one.  But let’s be honest here, even in the most dismally undereducated parts of the world, everyone knows men have penises.  You can’t strut around with a mangina and just pretend.  Well, you can, but everyone’s going to know you’re just fooling.  No one in the history of ever has had full on lady bits and legitimately thought they were a dude unless they were quite insane.  So this story is therefore about the most uneducated person on the face of the earth, an insane lady, or it’s total BS.