Chinese Man Builds Life-sized Iron Man Hulkbuster Suit In Garage

After seeing the Hulkbuster in action in the trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron two months ago, one Chinese artist didn’t even wait to see the entire film; he began constructing a full sized replica of the supersized Iron Man suit!

From the movie:


Yo Dawg, we hear you like Iron Man! So we put an Iron Man in your Iron Man.

If you saw the new Avengers movie you may recall this as one of the coolest scenes in the film where the Hulk hulks out and goes on a rampage and Iron Man has to hulk out – or Iron Man out himself, beefing up with the Hulkbuster armor in order to try and stop him. Good guy Tony Stark came up with a great plan to fight the Hulk if he loses control, until you think about all the property and civilians they destroyed in the process, that they totally wouldn’t get away with IRL.  


That didn’t stop 26 year-old middle-school art teacher named Xing Yile from building a 12 foot tall Hulkbuster replica in a parking garage in Zhengzhou, China. I’m guessing the Hulkbuster doesn’t get many complaints that he took someone’s parking spot. He even made a little baby Iron Man suit. Dawww.


Apparently the Chinese are big on BIG replicas of CGI robots from big Hollywood movies. In March we learned about the Chinese father and son artist team Yu Zhilin and son Lu Yingyun who make $160K a year building full size replicas of Transformers.

I’m hoping these guys are all really preparing for a giant battle bots / Robot Wars type scenario where Xing Yile’s Hulkbuster squares off with Optimus Prime, in a weird Chinese DIY robot / body suit death match.


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Source: Business Insider