Passengers Watch In Horror As Chinese Family Lets Their Kid Poop On His Seat

The good news is at least this flight didn't mysteriously disappear. The bad news is that some kid took a dump in the cabin.

Passengers on a Delta flight from Beijing to Detroit were surprised when a Chinese toddler brought great shame to his nation by popping a squat and laying cable right on his seat. Despite protests from fellow travelers seated near them, the boy’s parents refused to take him to the restroom and instead put down newspaper and encouraged him to do his business in plain view. You’d think they could just wait until they arrived in Detroit where that kind of thing goes unnoticed.

But why? What would possess a parent to behave so erratically and disgustingly?

This is a photo from a similar incident in 2013. Similar incident? WTF, China?

Does this family have a deep-set fear of airplane toilets? Were they using the kid as a drug mule? Were they raised by parakeets? My mind can’t land on a viable reason why parents would opt for their child to poop on newspaper when there’s a perfectly suitable box for making dookie that already smells like coffee and stale urine just steps away.

Passengers took to the Chinese social network Weibo to voice their disgust, many of whom blasted the family for embarrassing their homeland. Seriously, that’s what Jackie Chan is for. (Source 1, 2)