Chinese Chef Spikes Noodles With Opium Poppy To Hook Customers


People in China are eating ramen noodles sprinkled with opium. Meanwhile, here in America, we’re still getting on board with the Sriracha thing.

Granted those who have been eating the noodles were completely unaware. The owner of a noodle shop in the Shaanxi province didn’t tell anyone he was seasoning his food with crushed up poppy seeds. This addition not only improved the taste, but also caused customers to become physically addicted to his dishes.

The secret ingredient was discovered when one of his regulars was pulled over and failed a routine drug test. The customer maintained that he hadn’t touched any drugs and urged his family to eat at the noodle shop. They did and then immediately tested positive for opiates. They then went back to the restaurant to ride the dragon again because those noodles… oh god… so good… rub it on my gums.

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It’s not a direct drug offense, but spiking food with poppy seeds in China is illegal. The chef has been jailed for 10 days for the violation where he’s probably sharing a cell with a ton of bagel makers.

This story begs many questions. Are there back alley poppy seed deals going on? If so, does it involve guys with Uzis trading briefcases full of cash and seeds? How did the customer know that restaurant was guilty? Why are Chinese lawmakers basing their policies off episodes of Seinfeld? Who are these people??! (Source)