China’s New Android Restaurant Has A Robot Staff

A restaurant in Kunshan, China has upped the ante on the robot apocalypse happening sooner rather than later, at least in regard to an apocalypse of delicious orange chicken in your mouth.

The recently-opened restaurant has gained fame for its staff of waiters and cooks, and they didn’t even have to wear tight, demeaning t-shirts showing off their cleavage. That’s because the staff is made up of robots. Although, if someone opened a robot-style Hooters with robot cleavage… I’d be the first in line.

The robots greet customers, deliver food to tables, and even help prepare meals by stir-frying meat and vegetables. Song Yugang, the restaurant’s owner, said his daughter wanted him to invent a food serving robot since she hates doing housework.  So just remember when your brain is being sucked into an “energy pod” to sustain Blorp’s power supply, you have one lazy girl in China to thank.

According to Song, the robots only cost around $6,500 to build and know around 40 sentences. The best part they never call in sick or need a vacation, and are cheaper than human staff in the long run. They took er jerbs!

However don’t worry just yet, as the bots have what’s referred to as “limited” artificial intelligence, and humans have to load the robots with the right ingredients while still preparing some of the more complex dishes. So basically, the robots are a little more advanced than the Country Bear Jamboree, and I don’t see those guys replacing Metallica on tour anytime soon.

Another robot restaurant opened in Harbin, China in 2012. Those foodbots, as I am calling them, were built by The Harbin Haohai Robot Company for the restaurant at a cost of $47 thousand dollars each.

While a robot may now be able to steam your vegetables, soon some researchers believe a robot will really be able to steam your vegetable, if you know what I mean. I mean they will bang you.

A 66-page Pew Research report titled “AI, Robotics and the Future of Job” says that by the year 2025, robots will be advanced enough to perform most sex acts.

“Robotic sex partners will be a commonplace, although the source of scorn and division,” said GigaOM Research’s Stowe Boyd. He went on to say that people would bemoan sexpots in “the way that critics today bemoan selfies as an indicator of all that’s wrong with the world.”

So now you will be able to take your robot to dinner and then home to bed, all while being hated on by your friends and family. Sound like things won’t change much.

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