You Know That Stereotype About Asian Female Drivers? They Also Have It In China.

MichaelKolander by MichaelKolander on Jul. 22, 2014

A shopping mall in China recently unveiled 10 parking spots specifically designed for women. By "specifically designed for women," I mean the spots are about 30 centimeters wider than normal, presumable to make it easier for women to park. The spots are also painted pink, because chicks dig pink.

You can argue it's unwarranted, but the stereotype that Asian women can't drive is fairly common in the US. But I didn't expect to find it in China. Then again, since we're dealing with China, I guess it's more of a stereotype of women in general, since the Asian part is redundant. But I digress.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the mall's actions have been labeled sexist by many women on social media, which is the least shocking thing to happen since Amy Winehouse died.

The parking spots have outraged some netizens, who called them sexist and disrespectful. On Twitter, one commenter wrote, “Not sure if I should laugh or cry.” On Weibo, a microblogger questioned, “Isn’t that insulting females’ driving ability?

Of course, quoting random people on Twitter (or Weibo) is about the laziest thing a writer can do. You might as well just grab quotes from some random drunk at a bar, or from a 13-year-old kid smoking cigarettes behind a rundown laundromat. It's meaningless.

That said, it's even lazier for me to quote an article that quotes random people from Twitter, but at least I have a good excuse. I wanted to repost this video of a South Korean woman failing her driving test in a spectacular fashion, and this article allowed me to do so. I'm not saying it proves that the Asian-women-driver stereotype is true, but it sure is fun to watch.


Obiwayne66 User

That's because it's not a stereotype

cmethuggin User

This article is pretty racist.  Doesn't this just tell us that in China they think women in general cant park.  Not just Asian women.

doggin6 UserTop Commenter

@cmethuggin woman cant park, asians cant drive. its simple math.  if you think its racist and not just common sense,  your whats wrong with the world.

mustangman6799 User

@cmethuggin Well, as Michael Kolander stated in the article, "...since we're dealing with China, I guess it's more of a stereotype of women in general, since the Asian part is redundant. But I digress"  So, that would hardly be racist.  If you want to attach and "" to it, I think "sexist" would be more appropriate.  Just like, if I were to attach an "" to you, it would be "stupidist"; and I know, it's "stupidest", but "...est" and "" aren't the same thing so it doesn't work in my mini rant.

it_will_be_alright User

@doggin6 @cmethuggin  Asians are the masters of math so if they say it's not about being Asian, then it's probably not about being Asian. Get over it Doggin, you sound like you've had a bad day because someone left a wrinkled hot chocolate bar in your coffee. Go home doggin you're drunk.