China Is Creating Genetically Modified Extra Muscular Dogs Because China

Chinese scientists like to do some weird stuff, but this one might take the cake in the “is that really necessary?” category.

The MIT Technology Review released the big news that China is genetically modifying dogs so they can became more muscular…because that’s the first thing you wish for when you look at a dog.

No, that’s not one of Syndrome’s villainous beasts from The Incredibles–that’s actually the result of some Chinese scientists having fun with this dog’s genes. In particular, the myostatin gene was removed which is apparently what leads dogs to look like The Rock.

But seriously why the f*ck are they trying to give dogs the ability to beat us up? One of the researchers working to make dogs way more attractive than the average male says “(dogs with) more muscles are expected to have a stronger running ability, which is good for hunting, police (military) applications”. I don’t know about you but if I were someone trying to flee the police and saw this tank stepping out of a cop car ready to chase me down, I’d probably run much harder and much faster so it doesn’t tear me a new one.

Since a dog’s anatomy is similar to that of a human’s, it is possible for a human being to become more muscular if the myostatin gene were blocked. Don’t get any ideas though, guys. We know what happens when you start to mess with your natural anatomy.