China Asks Its Citizenry To Stop Hiring Strippers For Funerals

Funerals are definitely one of life’s most difficult moments unless the person in the casket is like Hitler or someone on an equal or greater douchebag level. Then it’s more like Christmas with a dead body instead of a tree and carolers. China, however, has come up with an interesting way to make such a mournful and depressing moment one of the greatest nights of your life whether you’re in the coffin or mourning the person inside of it. They hire strippers to perform at the funeral. 

Hey, it’s your funeral.

Apparently, loved ones across the nation are showing the deceased just how much they cared for them by hiring hot strippers to take off their clothes during the final ceremony. The most famous example happened in the city of Handan  where a family hired a smoking hot stripper to disrobe during the service in the hopes of bringing a big crowd to their loved one’s funeral. The photos of the funeral services went viral because the awesome power of boobies can make anything less tragic. The Chinese government, however, isn’t so keen on the idea and hope to eradicate the use of funeral strippers in citizen’s private ceremonies. 

It’s what Grandma would have wanted.

The nation’s Ministry of Culture announced in a released statement that will start cracking down on families’ plans to hire strippers for their funerals. They claim that the practice has “severely polluted the local culture life,” according to one commentator from China’s state-run television station. I think I speak for every red blooded American male when I say that this truly represents the death of freedom in China. 

Source: WSJ