China Is Hunting For Aliens With This Giant Radio Telescope It Just Turned On!

For years the international scientific group SETI, or the Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence has used radio telescopes as a means to try and detect transmissions from possible aliens out there in the universe who might be doing their own morning zoo crew show. However, now China has upped the alien hunting game when it recently switched on a HUGE radio telescope which is reportedly the largest in the world.

The FAST or Five hundred meter Aperture Spherical Telescope is 1,640 feet wide and will be dedicated to tracking down artificial radio signals coming from little green, gray or translucent men. While in the past radio telescopes have been used to try and track radio signals in space, this new telescope is a leap forward in technology. The whole thing is roughly the size of 30 football fields, so I’m guessing it gets ALL the satellite TV channels and even unscrambles the naughty ones.

“I can’t answer the phone, I’m high as F right now.”

The $180 million instrument took 17 years of research to develop during which time 9,000 Chinese citizens were forcibly moved from their homes in about a 3 miles radius.  I’m sure the aliens will understand and appreciate the sacrifice when they come to forcibly remove all us humans for our planet’s resources.  

The scientists operating the radio telescope say that it is so powerful that it would be able to detect a cell phone in use on the moon. Which got me thinking. Are we really going to get a signal from aliens millions of lightyears away when I can barely get a signal through my cell phone carrier?

Do you think in your lifetime scientists will discover a radio signal from an intelligent alien life form?

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