Children’s Books That Are Very, Very Inappropriate

harpo's horrible secret children's book

If you like inappropriateness, then you have to check this out.

The peeps over at Art-Sheep have a compilation of some of the most inappropriate things found in children’s books around the globe. And it is baffling how some of them went to print.

I can only imagine that the respective editors stepped out of the office, and a teenage boy walked in for a few minutes, made some notes, laughed his ass off, then approved the book for mass distribution.

While Art-Sheep listed 15 examples, I’m just going to give you five of my favorites in order to ease you into the naughty pool:

Is this the right way to teach about a horse’s anatomy?

Fellow what?

Sit and watch what?

No children would ever want to know more about what happens in the Rogers’ house.


With which part of her body is she kissing?

Enjoy, Children.

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