Australian Fast Food Chicken Restaurant Has A Chicken Run Its Twitter Account

It has been a weird week on Twitter (more than normal). Today we learned about a porn star who got pissed when the airline she was traveling on tweet-flirted with her. Now a sadistic Australian fast food chicken restaurant chain named Chicken Treat is having an actual hen named Betty man the controls of their official Twitter account, @ChickenTreat from her cage. It would be like you were captured by a bunch of cannibals and they put you in charge of their social media. (Side note: do cannibals ever slather their own foot with ranch dressing and have a bite?)

This brings new meaning to the term “hen pecked.”

It is all in good fun though if you are a person and not a chicken destined for a delicious food bucket with a side of mashed potatoes and gravy. That’s because Betty’s human captors hope that she will actually peck out a five letter word in English from the computer placed in her coop. If she does Chicken Treat will be placed in the Guinness Book of World Records for delivering the first ever Tweet sent by a chicken. So far the only “word” she has managed to type is “bum.” Which I’m assuming is the beginning of the sentence: “Bums me out that I haven’t seen my brother Carl lately. I wonder what happened to Carl?”

Aside from “bum” though the future family value meal has only pecked and walked over the keyboard creating a series of nonsense. Although these Tweets may be chicken language for “get me out of here!”

And you thought you spelled bad when you drunk text.  

Chicken Treat plans to keep this marketing stunt going until Betty gets that five letter word Tweet… or someone gets hungry.

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