Chick-Fil-A Manager Releases A Very Specific List of Banned Words

Everyone who had a part-time job in college or has trouble finding a full-time job with an English or theater degree knows what it’s like to work in the sucky service industry. So imagine how the employees of a Chick-Fil-A restaurant felt when their boss posted a list of the words and phrases they are no longer allowed to use around their customers

This is the actual list of words that a Chick-Fil-A manager asked his staff not to say around the customers. The word “chicken” is suspiciously absent. 

One of the employees took a picture of the bizarre list and posted it to Imgur before it started flowing through the usual viral channels of the Internet. The list features “words” such as “bruh,” “chill (unless we are talking about something that is chilled)” and “cuz” with an order to say either “cousin” or “because” instead. That doesn’t sound too harsh but the further down you read, the weirder it gets. He also wants his employees not to use the name “Felicia” because “there is nobody here named Felicia,” the phrase “turn up” and “salty.” So if someone has to describe what their fries taste like, I guess they’re screwed. 

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 If you know someone named “Felicia” in this picture, please let us know immediately. 

The list even ordered staff members to stop saying the word “Ebola” because in the manager’s defense, that’s the last word anyone wants to hear from people who are handling their food. Is “Ebola” the new slang way to complement someone or something as in “Damn girl, those shoes are looking Ebola”?